Do you own or run a business that provides care for children?

If so, you are required to have a plan, policies and procedures for first aid. Your staff will need regular first aid training including anaphylaxis and asthma training (required from 2013) and appropriately stocked first aid kits. Maybe you don't know who to ask for advice? We are here to help!

There are three qualifications all childcare workers will need to have before January 1, 2013.

  • Course in First Aid Management of anaphylaxis ( 22099VIC)  

  • Course in emergency management of asthma in the workplace (22024VIC)

Asthma and anaphylaxis training can be completed in conjunction with annual CPR training as CPR Extra training

For more information or to make a booking contact us here. Or ph 0422203847

Samford First Aid is a partner in training with Paradise First Aid PTY LTD (RTO 32268)

You need...
  • Yourself and/or staff to confidently  handle first aid emergencies.
  • To be confident that you are meeting all the requirements and are able to adequately deal with injury and illness.
  • Affordable prices and group discounts
  • An experienced trainer who can travel to you and provides training at a time that is convenient to you (including weekends and after hours).
  • Training that is meaningful to you and your organisation
  • Advice you can depend on to ensure you are up to date with all requirements