Cpr and First Aid Awareness 3-4 hours

The course covers the following topics, along with any other topics that are raised by participants in the group:

  •     DRSABCD (your emergency action plan)
  •     Management of bleeding
  •     Management of choking
  •     Management of snake and spider bites
  •     Management of fractures and dislocations
  •     Management of allergic reactions
  •     Common  illnesses
  •     CPR (using infant and child manikins)

The aim of this course is to empower individuals,  with the knowledge and skills to confidently manage a medical emergency until help arrives. It is a relaxed and hands on course with no assessments or workbooks. Participants will receive FREE first aid charts.

Those who wish to have a formal qualification in first aid or who wish to renew their existing Apply first Aid certificate ( formally senior first aid) or CPR course can do so on the day by completing the necessary assessments. Contact us for further information.  Those wishing to complete the Apply first Aid certificate will also need to complete an online workbook before attending class.  The Apply First Aid certificate should be renewed every 3 years and the CPR certificate should be renewed every 12 months. Please find more information about accredited training offered by Samford First Aid on this page.