First Aid Kit Survey

Samford First Aid offers a kit survey service that can be conducted on an initial restocking visit to provide customers with an up-to-date assessment of all their First Aid equipment requirements.  We offer a complimentary first aid equipment audit of your premises  with all workplace first aid training bookings.

The kit survey service includes a comprehensive assessment and can include the following:

§  What kit/s are located at the site and the suitability of the location.

§  The condition of each kit and if a replacement is recommended;

§  Evaluation of kit appropriateness for site and location in accordance with OH&S regulations, risk assessment; and

§  The contents are checked and assessed against customer specification.


Data is compiled by Samford First Aid and reported to the customer. This can be held in your records as evidence of your risk management in relation to first aid. For customers using our restocking service (option 1) this process will be repeated annually at no cost to ensure your site remains compliant with all relevant legislation.