Option 2 — Email & Return Restocking (available to all customers)

Once you have your first aid kit, it is best practice to have the kit replenished or serviced on a regular basis. Most kits will have approximately a 2 year shelf lifeHowever, the contents need to be checked regularly and replenished after use so that you have the items you need, when you need them. In an emergency you need to be able to trust that your kit contains all the items you need. To assist with this, all first aid kits supplied by Samford First Aid come with a contents checklist both in paper copy and soft copy for your future use.

On an agreed time-frame, Samford First Aid can generate a restock reminder email (including checklists for the contents of each kit) to prompt customer sites to conduct a kit audit and replenish their First Aid kits. Customers who purchase through this process will receive a 10% discount on all items ordered.

The required First Aid supplies will be delivered to the ordering site within 10 working days.